Robotic Justice

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After Orb of Dilaaria is released, I have only one more Wolf3D mod in mind that I'd like to do, but I will be taking a break from modding before I work on it more. The code will be based on the Orb engine.




3153 KRE (Kromnetic Revolution Era)

The Kromnetic Revolution brought many major changes to the Universe; the first being the extermination of the human race. Kromnetic research had brought new life into the rapidly degrading robotics programs on Old Earth. Kromnetics proved to be the robotic equivalent to the human nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems while enabling the creation of Kromnetically altered metal alloys which never wore down. With this exciting new technology, mankind could create the impossible: the perpetual-motion machine. Though these experiments began as tiny projects, they quickly began testing on existing robotic prototypes with amazing results. Within two years, Kromnix Incorporated developed the first pure Kromnetic robots and began mass production immediately.

It was soon discovered, however, that these perfect machines held no regard for their imperfect masters. No one knows when the struggle for human survival began, but some time during the 2310's, the robots revolted and mankind began disassembling the robots as quickly as possible. However, the magic of mass production assembly lines fueled by human greed proved to be the fall of mankind. There were simply too many of them to handle.

Kromnix Incorporated survived the destruction of man and soon became the embodiment of power and greed at Universal proportions. The Kromnix Armada was soon built and their iron grip was felt throughout the far reaches of space...

The Awakening

You've been scrapped and left for virtual-dead. Too bad they forgot about the energy pack on your arm. After three years of service in the Kromnix Armada and you're tossed out like a bag of moldy tangerines. They just weren't happy with 93% accuracy, especially when the other 7% were other Armada 'bots. You'll just have to show them how quickly 7 can become 100.

You stand and look around your supposed death bed of mechanical junk. Ah, a damaged Pheslar gun. Within minutes, it's working again and you start for the door to claim your robotic justice.



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