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Help Links

Best source for wiki help is at WikiMedia itself.


  • Feel free to create any Wolf3D-related articles of your own, but remember that anything you post can be edited by others.
  • It is common practice to sign any entries you make in talk pages. So feel free to use ~~~~ (four tildes) to sign your username and the current date and time.
  • This wiki is meant to be informational. Please express opinions on a particular article in the talk/discussion page of that article, rather than in the main article itself.
  • Using the summary when editing, previewing your changes, and marking minor/non-minor edits appropriately will help others. Please be sure to do so.
  • When posting information on a mod, please use a format similar to the one used for Orb of Dilaaria.
  • If you are posting about your project, please remember to try to make the page look semi-professional. Be sure the page is
    • well-structured
    • devoid of spelling and grammar mistakes
    • not simply a hype page

Remember: your pages will be moderated and decisions by moderators are final.

Winwolf3d 10:06, 18 November 2005 (PST)