WDC 1.17.390 06 Nov 2016
​Major bug fix. Map editing was broken in previous version.
WDC 1.17.389 03 Nov 2016
Quick bug fixes from the previous release.

  • Added: "Draw plane 3 and higher only when it is the current edit plane" map view option.
  • Fixed: Old web and email addresses.
  • Fixed: Find code in map would crash when a project had more than 8 planes. (Bug introduced in 1.17.388.)
  • Fixed: Map Tools->Mass Replace would crash when a project had more than 8 planes. (Bug introduced in 1.17.388.)
  • Fixed: Map Tools->Mass Replace would start to replace every tile on the search plane, not just the given tile codes.
  • Changed: File- and folder-related project information fields are now textboxes instead of labels. ie: They can be typed/pasted into.
  • Fixed: ShellExecute commands used to open folders would falsely report an error. (Bug introduced in 1.17.388.)

WDC can also be found on itch.io where you can follow the project and receive update notifications there.
WDC 1.17.388 31 Oct 2016
WDC 1.17.388 has been released and with it several new additions:

  • Added: Ability to export data to WAD, PK3, and PK7 formats for use with ECWolf.
  • Added: Importing Nitemare 3D MAP.1/2/3 files.
  • Added: Exporting Nitemare 3D MAP.1/2/3 files through "Export Multiple Maps".
  • Changed: Digital WAV sounds are exported at and expected to be 7042 Hz, but it shouldn't complain when importing 6896 files either. (I hope that this doesn't mess up anyone's projects.)
  • Fixed: Adding a chunk to the beginning of a file would sometimes cause that file to compile with the first chunk at the end instead.
  • Fixed: Flood fill in the picture editor would throw an error.
  • Changed: Increased the maximum number of map planes to 32. (Yes, 32.)

The biggest thing that people will notice and use is the ability to export to WAD/PK3/PK7 for ECWolf. This ability is found in the File menu. Once you select it, a window with the exportable chunks will open and you can select which to export. You can also export your game palette and signon screen. This is purely a resource export. It does not set up new keys, actors, walls, etc, etc. You'll still need to do that yourself.

In order to do the export, you need to assign a lump name file. Examples of this can be found in ecwolf.pk3 as wl6map.txt and sodmap.txt. If you're just doing a straight one-to-one replacement of the original assets, you can just use what ECWolf has. If you've added anything, you'll need to add the lump names into the file you use.

To edit NITEMARE 3D maps, you'll first need to "Import Map" the MAP.1, MAP.2 or MAP.3 file into a Wolfenstein project. Note that you'll need to select "Nitemare 3D Map Files" from the file type drop down because they do NOT show by default (All Map Files). Then use one of the WMC map definition files provided (according to the episode you are editing). When you're done making changes, "Export Multiple Maps" with "Nitemare 3D Map Files" as the file type. Note that the file name must be MAP.1, MAP.2, or MAP.3.
Also, do NOT change anything in the map definition files. The MAP files contain a type code for each wall and object type to define how they behave in the game and this information is parsed from the map symbol name.
ie: 1) Dining Room - Plain | WALL | TILES001.DR01
WALL is the wall code type used by the code.

Q: What does this mean for the future of WDC?
A: I'm still not planning to add much to the editor. I decided to make these changes and additions on a whim. I still wish I had time to work on a new editor.
IMFCreator 1.0.17 23 Oct 2014
The vibrato flag is now read correctly when importing instruments from CMF, IMF, RAD, and SBI/IBK files.

EDIT: This version has been taken down due to reported problems. Version 1.0.16 is available again.

EDIT 2: Version is now available. The IMFLib.dll file used in the original 1.0.17 was not compatible with IMFCreator.
WinWolf3D port taken down. 05 Jun 2014
I have decided to take down the WinWolf3D port. It was incomplete, so there was no need to leave it up any more.