IMFCreator 1.0.17 23 Oct 2014
The vibrato flag is now read correctly when importing instruments from CMF, IMF, RAD, and SBI/IBK files.

EDIT: This version has been taken down due to reported problems. Version 1.0.16 is available again.

EDIT 2: Version is now available. The IMFLib.dll file used in the original 1.0.17 was not compatible with IMFCreator.
WinWolf3D port taken down. 05 Jun 2014
I have decided to take down the WinWolf3D port. It was incomplete, so there was no need to leave it up any more.
WDC 1.16.386 14 Oct 2012
Here's another update for WDC with just a few minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v 1.16.382 and occurred when you compiled a data file and changed to a different map.
  • Fixed an overflow error when importing large maps (such as 192x192).
  • Due to restrictions imposed by the GAMEMAPS file format, the maximum map size is now 180x180.
  • MEDC now skips blank lines instead of having an error.
  • Adding demo chunks no longer raises subscript errors.
Orb of Dilaaria 1.04 16 Jun 2011
Orb of Dilaaria 1.04 has been released. This version also comes bundled with DOSBox to make it easy to play on modern systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 (x86 or x64). Windows XP users may experience choppy gameplay and may have to tweak the DOSBox configuration file found in the game's install folder. This release also fixes a bug that caused fast projectiles (inflictor bolts in particular) to behave strangely in DOSBox on some systems.

This download has also been posted on ModDB and should be activated soon.
Orb of Dilaaria: Fifth anniversary reissue 09 Jun 2011
Orb of Dilaaria has been reissued as an install package bundled with DOSBox 0.74. The installer sets up everything for you so you (hopefully) don't have to worry about a thing.

This is marked as release candidate #1 in order to get feedback from users that have issues running the game. If you have to alter the DOSBox CONF file in order to get the game to run well on your system, please let me know what changes you made to do so.

Once the dust settles and any problems that can be corrected get corrected, I will post it on ModDB.

EDIT: The download link has been removed. A new version is being tested internally. Once testing completes, the link will become active again.