WDC, RecolorBMP, and SpriteMaker Updates! 22 Feb 2017
WDC 1.17.394
  • Added Preferences: Other - Default Project Folder. Sets the initial folder used when creating, saving, or opening a project.

RecolorBMP 1.0.17
  • Added Refresh File List Button.
  • Added Options->Save Color Index List.

SpriteMaker 1.2.56
  • Added Refresh File List button
  • Added semi-support for BITMAPV4 files. They can be viewed in the preview mode, but not original.
Forum Registration Disabled 24 Jan 2017
The registration process is still there, but all names are disallowed, effectively blocking forum registration.

My fastmail.us email is going away in a few months. Please contact me through my gmail address if you have any problems or questions.

WDC 1.17.393 19 Jan 2017
A few fixes and additions.

  • Added: CatBuster.ini information for GOG version of Catacomb Apocalypse (v1.01 rev 1).
  • Added: Map definition file for Catacomb Armageddon (ARM.wmc).
  • Changed: UNLZEXE process now defaults its output file with "-UNLZEXE" appended to its name rather than default to overwriting the original file.
  • Fixed: Export to WAD/PK3/PK7 is now disabled when no project is open.
  • Fixed: Project files with missing or invalid UNC paths or filenames no longer cause the program to crash.
  • Fixed: Test Project is now disabled when attempting to open a project with invalid information and canceling the project information screen.
WDC 1.17.392 18 Dec 2016
Fixed: Map Find/Replace still wasn't setting the search plane. Also occurred when using Cut/Copy Planes.
WDC 1.17.391 17 Dec 2016
A couple of bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Map Find/Replace wasn't setting the search plane when loading the window and thus would default to the walls plane unless manually changed.
  • Fixed: Subscript errors would occur when loading a project with more planes than the previous depending on map view settings.