Projects on GitHub 13 Aug 2017
I've started moving some projects onto GitHub and making them open source.

The process includes completely rewriting the old VB6 program in Python. The first to receive this treatment was the Isle of the Dead Extractor.

There is also an extractor for the SNES version of Wolf3D and Super Noah's Ark 3D as well.

More will follow eventually.
Orb of Dilaaria 1.05 09 Jul 2017
Version 1.05 has been released!

Full list of changes:
  • Fixed upper bound for map amount for various checks. This bug allowed the player to exit "Subterfuge" and go to "Looking Glass" instead of "The Unholy" as it should. Probably broken since v1.02.
  • Fixed a reinforcement tag so a guard spawns correctly in "Devil's Library" allowing the player to get 100% kills on that map.
  • Changed a few ceiling tiles to open sky in "The Unholy".
  • Corrected some book text.
  • Reworded the bestiary text for the Warrior.

Currently only available on this site.

Both an installer and a ZIP version are available.
WDC 1.18.399 24 May 2017
Main new feature in this release is the ability to export in UWMF format for use with ECWolf. This feature is somewhat experimental and might go through some changes over the next few releases.

Single letter shortcuts have been added to the map and image editors which will hopefully improve their usability.
  • Added: Ability to export maps in UWMF for use with ECWolf. See: File -> Export to WAD, then Options -> Export Maps in UWMF and Options -> Additional ECWolf Settings for more information.
  • Added: Ability to set up flat textures for plane 3 which can be used with ECWolf. These are used to create an xlat lump and as part of the UWMF map if exporting in that format.
  • Fixed: Pasting to a map while the map is scrolled was causing the map piece to be pasted to bounced around.
  • Fixed: Copying a section of a map or image then changing the zoom level works better than it did before.
  • Fixed: Selection box behaves better after completing a paste on the map.
  • Added: Project Information -> Other Options: "Ignore top row and left column while error checking maps" for projects that use the top row or left column for map settings that error checking should ignore.
  • Added: Single letter shortcuts for map and image edit tools (Pencil is P, Flood Fill is F, etc. See button tooltips.)
  • Added: Single letter shortcuts for Int (I), Hi Byte (H) and Low Byte (L) map editing modes.
  • Added: Press a number key to change planes while editing maps.
  • Added: Ctrl+Click to temporarily use the Tile Picker tool.
  • Fixed: Pasting past the edge while scrolled right or down in the map and image editors now pastes correctly.
  • Fixed: Map coordinates would sometimes not be fully visible in hexadecimal mode.

The previous version has been left up in case this release has issues.
WDC 1.17.396 30 Mar 2017
Fixed: Exporting walls in non-hires projects to WAD/PK3/PK7 would duplicate the walls in "hires" namespace. Bug was introduced in 1.17.395.
WDC 1.17.395 30 Mar 2017
Several fixes, some for bugs that have been around for a long time:
  • Fixed: The last byte of all AUDIOT chunks was being removed when compiling.
  • Fixed: An extra byte was being exported when exporting any AUDIOT chunk to a file or WAD/PK3/PK7.
  • Fixed: If the first music chunk in AUDIOT is 4 bytes or less, it will be set to 4 null bytes + "NULL" so that it can be detected by WDC again.
  • Fixed: Can now set digital sound chunks to 0 length files to clear a sound when exporting the VSWAP.
  • Fixed: Exporting WL1 projects now exports null digital sound chunks correctly. Previously some sounds would be duplicated in the null chunks.
  • Fixed: Exporting WL1-based projects to WAD/PK3/PK7 should work now. Lumps with blank names are skipped rather than throwing an error. Null pictures export as empty lumps/files.
  • Fixed: When exporting to WAD/PK3/PK7, music chunks with no music data export as empty lumps/files.
  • Fixed: Exporting WAD/PK3/PK7 from hi-res base files works now.
  • Fixed: Exporting to PK3/PK7 would sometimes fail when exporting to a file not located on the same drive as the temp folder.
  • Added: WAD/PK3/PK7 export window now has an "Unselect menu".
  • Added: WAD/PK3/PK7 export window has an Options menu with togglable "Export Empty Chunks As Marker Lumps" settings and two ways of exporting hi-res walls.
  • Fixed: Using the map editor on planes 1 or 2 no longer causes all planes to be draw in the edited tile when "Draw plane 3 and higher only when it is the current plane" is checked.