Orb of Dilaaria Manual

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Even Wersin's armies need some nourishment. Grab some for yourself to help you on your quest.

Name: Bread

Healing: 4

Useful when you only need to top your hit points or if you're really desperate.

Name: Mutton

Healing: 10

Pretty tasty and fills you up pretty well.

Name: Health Sphere

Healing: 25

Blessings from Eilior? Maybe, because these are great to find.


Those who have fallen before you have dropped several artefacts that you might find useful. Use them wisely or you'll find yourself in a desperate situation.

Name: Life Scroll

Summary: +1 life (up to 9), +99 hp (up to 200), +25 mp (up to current limit), also considered a treasure item

These scrolls will teleport you to the beginning of a scene when you die. Though fully healed, your magic will be depleted and your weapons lost. Picking up a scroll also grants you a temporary boost in health.

Name: Invisibility Ring

Summary: Invisible for 30 seconds (cumulative)

Provides temporary protection from being seen. However, you can still be heard and once they know you are nearby, the beasts will attack relentlessly.

Name: Skull Pack

Summary: Sets mp limit to 200, +25 mp, +50 hp (up to 200)

These demonic looking packs will help your magic last longer. Grab them when possible.

Name: Heroic Brew

Summary: Invincible for 30 seconds (cumulative), mace hits cause 4 times more damage

These bitter drinks make you immune to all damage and gives you a stronger attack for about 30 seconds. The catch? You can only use your mace during this time.

Name: Mermaid Artefact

Summary: Can breath under water for 30 seconds (cumulative)

Provides a temporary air supply under water.


Wersin has accumulated quite a collection of treasures. You might as well take some back to the kingdoms from where they were stolen.

Name: Coin

Points: 100

Name: Gem

Points: 500

Name: Pendant

Points: 1000

Name: Ruby Encrusted Skull

Points: 5000


You're going to need something to help you fight against the horders of Wersin's armies.

Name: Mana Pouch

These enable you to use the magical weapons you find. If your magic runs out, you still have your mace.

Name: Soul Crystal

These are used to power the Unsummoner.

Name: Boom Staff

Your average lightweight magic wand. Packs a punch, but not so great against stronger beasts.

Name: The Inflictor

A rapid fire magic crossbow always makes things interesting.

Name: Death Wand

Nothing takes down larger amounts of enemies faster than this wand.

Name: The Unsummoner

Mystery surrounds this weapon. No one knows exactly what it does. All that is known is that it wields a power so great that Wersin keeps it hidden within his land so that no one can find it.

Other Items

These items will help you find your way to the Orb and out of Wersin's domain.

Name: Keys

Keys are used to unlock doors.

Name: Tomes of Knowledge

Anytime you see a book, read it! Surely Wersin and his beasts have left behind some information as to where they can be found. You need to learn what he and his armies are planning, so read as much as you can. Who knows? They might even help you find your way out!

Name: Green Portal

Green portals take you to another area within the map.

Name: Red Portal

Red portals take you to the next scene.


Wersin has created a variety of foul nuisances. Tread with caution!

Name: Slime

Special: Takes 1 hp per second

Wersin has devised a liquid that is harmful to touch. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. You must warn your people about this treacherous sludge before he can release it upon the world.

Name: Possessed Walls

Special: Shoots fireballs

Trapped in stone, these tormented souls attack anything that gets in their path. Watch yourself or you'll be toast.

Name: Poison Mushrooms

Special: Once infected, takes 1 hp per second.

Be careful when running around outside or you might trample these mushrooms and release their poisonous spores into the air. If you do become infected, never fear, just find something with which you can heal yourself.

Name: Lava

Special: Takes 5 hp per second

A wise person would stay away from this flesh-burning substance. A fast runner might be able to cross short patches of lava unharmed, but beware: some lava can engulf you.



Wersin's army features a wide variety of foul beasts, many of which have special abilities. This information can also be found in the game after you play the scene that introduces the beast.

Name: Sentry

Points: 200

Special: None

You're lucky if you catch one alone because they like to overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers. Approach a group with caution because they can back you into a corner. It'd be nice if you could find a more powerful weapon so you didn't have to get so close to them...

Name: Warrior

Points: 100

Special: None

Wersin's warriors are dedicated to doing his bidding. They stop at nothing to complete his vile tasks. Be sure to grab one of the staff when you kill one. It might be useful if you want to use their powers against them.

Name: Guardian

Points: 500

Special: Throws fireballs

This foul brute really packs a punch and if you want to survive, you'd best steer clear of it. It summons powers from the Void and channels them into a torrent of fireballs.

Name: Kirapter

Points: 200

Special: Poisonous bite

These flying menaces want nothing but to see you dead. Don't let them get close to you because one bite has enough poison to grant you a slow, painful death.

Name: Serpa

Points: 700

Special: None

These slithering foes are fast and deadly. You had better act the same way toward them or you will soon fall.

Name: Araknemon

Points: 200

Special: Throws webbing and has a poisonous bite

Wersin awakened the araknemons from their sleep deep within the heart of the earth. Ever desiring to return to their home, they strive to please Wersin. Beware should one come at you from a distance because their webbing will temporarily entangle you so they can come closer to poison you with one bite of their deadly fangs.

Name: Karkass

Points: 400

Special: Throws fireballs

For a rotten pile of flesh and bones, Karkass is a worthy opponent. Eternally damned to live a tormented life after death, Karkass roams the lands hunting the living.

Name: Flamus

Points: 200

Special: Silent and throws fireballs

A wretched union of plant and animal, Flamus attacks anything that gets close to it. How it manages to hurl fireballs at its victims, we may never know. One thing is for sure, caution must be used when near these silent attackers.

Name: Wippen

Points: 200

Special: Silent

Wippen hides away below the ground waiting to attack. No amount of running can help you escape them for their reach is fast and their hold is strong. Always watch the ground.

Name: Nekrodaemon

Points: 2000

Special: Throws fireballs

High priests for Wersin, nekrodaemons are among his most trusted servants. He has given them the ability to focus his anger into a fiery sphere to strike down his foes.

Name: Wraith

Points: 300

Special: Invisible until active

These lost souls are forever cursed to roam the world. Called upon by Wersin, they lay in hiding to watch his enemies with unseen eyes. What you don't see can kill you. Nowhere is safe from their presence.

Name: Slug

Points: 300

Special: Throws axes that cause temporary slowness

So called not due to being slow to act, but due to being powerful. When he's too far away to strike you with his axe, he throws it in hopes of slowing you down.

Name: Paishkyn

Points: 500

Special: Throws fireballs

Possibly an incantation gone wrong, this humanoid fish lurks in the shadowy depths. Some strange magic has given them the ability to produce a flame beneath water, so watch out.

Name: Web Lord

Points: 200

Special: Throws webbing and fireballs

When the araknemons were awakened, so was their master. He directs their actions through his antennae. Destroying him should send them into disarray. Right?!?

Name: Wyvern

Points: 300

Special: Throws fireballs

Wyverns have plagued mankind's existence for centuries. With a heart filled with the desire to inflict pain and suffering, they hunt their prey with a vigilance that is astounding.

Name: Reccah

Points: 500

Special: Shoots twin fireballs

An apparition of peculiar circumstances, the reccah are beings who glide through the air using an unknown force. Be wary of them, however, because looks can kill.

Name: Orcus

Points: 15000

Special: Almost invincible and brutally strong, but does not count toward kills

Though extremely slow, this brute should not be taken lightly because he's unbelievably strong. His step might be slow, but he's quick to smash out your innards if you get too close. It's best not to worry about killing him. More thought should be given to escaping him!


Wersin nominated five top commanders to help him organize his assault on humanity.

Name: Zaehylos

Points: 5000

Special: Throws crushing hammers

This colossus guards the entrance (and exit) to the dungeon and torture chambers found below Wersin's demonic cathedral.

Name: Mallus

Points: 5000

Special: Shoots fireballs

The ancient myths mention a demonic being known as Mallus, the visage of Wersin in the overworld. These myths also also mention many live sacrifices performed in his name.

Name: Dreko

Points: 5000

Special: Shoots fireballs and electricity

Dreko commands of Wersin's army in the overworld.

Name: Yserbnira

Points: 5000

Special: Shoots fireballs

Known as the Watcher of the Forest, Yserbnira resides in one of the fortresses of the underworld.

Name: Somondre

Points: 5000

Special: Shoots fireballs

Somondre is the guardian of the forest who calls upon the spirits of fallen demons to rise for service in Wersin's armies.

Name: Wersin

Points: 10000

Special: Unknown

Not much is known about Wersin's physical manifestation because nobody has survived his presence.

Other Characters

You'll also find these characters in Wersin's domain. Note: Killing these creatures are not beneficial in any way.

Name: Rats

Though they may be annoying and they might get in the way at times, they are simply rats. They hold no allegiance to Wersin, so you have no need to fear them.

Name: Monks

These beings care nothing about war and try to keep their minds focused on the worship of Wersin and his demons. Just because they won't attack you, doesn't mean you should bother them very much.

Name: Ferox

Some monks have been blessed by Mallus and granted life after death. The ferox believes in one thing: vengeance. Woe unto those who have to battle these foul beasts.